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Amber forgot her key and was locked out of her house. She had seen her stepbrothers get in through the window before, so she determined to give it a attempt.

Unluckily, she got stuck. Superb thing one of her stepbros was right around the corner and could maybe help her out with a thrust.

That little freak turned his shove into a paw, and even got a tongue munch while Amber sat there stuck in agony. Her other step-brother came to help also, but Amber left behind to buy his cereal so he would be of no use.

Since they had her in such a ideal position, these horny stepbros determined to double squad amber in hopes she would be more responsible and not forget such significant things.

Each of their stepdicks packed every crevasse Amber had, and with each shove, she perceived more and more able to take responsibility for her deeds, and she undoubtedly took responsibility for the double sack sploog on her vag and face.

Her very first test after this lesson was to keep her lips sealed and not tell daddy.

We have faith in her, but if she leaves behind to wipe that cum off her mouth her lips might be sealed forever! Hehe.

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